E-Juice and Vape Kits
Carefully created using 99%+ pure CBD Isolate Crystals and available in a variety of different strengths and flavours.
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Infused Edibles
Our range of Infused Edibles include Sweets and Capsules, each containing an Organic Hemp Extract.
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Oils and Extracts
Created during carefully developed CO2 extraction processes, utilised to release the full range of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.
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Teas and Coffees
Including water soluble CBD infused teas and coffees now available in a variety of different types and flavours.
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Infused Topicals
Our Infused Topicals include Massage Oil and Bath Bombs, all designed with your body in mind and very relaxing.
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Cups, T-Shirts, Baseball Caps, Gift Cards and Pens also available.
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Popular Products

CBD Go Disposable Pen
Ginger & Turmeric CBD Tea bags
CBDfx CBD & CBG Tincture
CBD Entourage Capsules 300mg
1000mg Cannabis Balms
Vegan CBD Capsules 1200mg
Relax CBD Massage Oil
Love CBD Oil Spray 800mg



Welcome to our online store

We are an online-only family run business specializing in hemp based edible products and located in rural Derbyshire. Here you will find a selection of high quality, high CBD content products including:- Full Spectrum Oils, RAW Oils, Extracts, Bath Bombs and Massage Oil.

The World Health Organisation recently published an article stating that CBD is of NO risk to public health. This article can be found here.

To see full instructions for each available payment option please click the ‘payment methods’ link found down below. Thank you.

We fully comply with FSA and MHRA standards, and are now also CannaPro Certified.

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